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ALARM-HS02 is a reliable, state of the art alarm control panel with 8 protection zones, which is designed as a local alarm system for home and office protections.

149,40 Euro
Out of stock

Metal bracket for CCTV camera`s.
Max. Weight: 4Kg
Dimension: 100x130mm
Rotation: Universal

5,70 Euro
Out of stock

Novērošanas kameras statīvs(100mm x 300mm)

Metāla turētājs CCTV kamerām.

13,00 Euro
Out of stock

Camera bracket for security cameras
Max. Weight: 3Kg
Dimension: 43mm (base) x 117 (L)mm
Rotation: Universal

7,20 Euro

Metal bracket for CCTV camera`s.
Max. Weight: 4Kg
Dimension: 100x260mm
Rotation: Universal

7,20 Euro
Out of stock

Spare control panel, compatible with ALARM-HS02

24,20 Euro
Out of stock

Motorbike headset for Cobra Walky Talkies for closed helmet. The speaker and microphone fits under a motorcycle helmet and the P.T.T. button goes on the steering wheel. Enabling easy bike to bike, or rider to passenger communication.

11,50 Euro

Magnetic contacts (2 pieces) compatible with ALARM-HS02

4,30 Euro

Simple, easy, fun. Camping, exploring, on the beach or just playing in the garden, the TALKABOUT T42 walkie-talkie is perfect for staying in touch when at home or out and about. Set up is simple thanks to the easy pairing function, then talk instantly to friends and family at the push of a button. With 16 channels**, LCD display, up to 4km range* and a choice of colours, the T42 keeps you connected to enjoy every moment.

49,00 Euro
Out of stock

Strāvas avots novērošanas kamerai(12V/450mA/stabilizēts)

5,00 Euro

Spare remote control for ALARM-HS01.

18,00 Euro

Motion detection alarm with built-in telephone dialer. Easy to operate with 4-digit personal code. Alarm automatic dials telephone numbers with own message. Preprogrammed exit and entry delay. Perfect for securing any room or area.

25,00 Euro
Out of stock

The cute and reliable Mi Home Security Camera provides high quality shooting and stable video transmission. With its help, you can at any time assess what is happening where it is installed, and in 1080p and with the ability to view the panorama. Even when viewing from a smartphone, a high frame rate is provided, so the picture does not jitter.

Thanks to two motors, the camera provides a 360 ° horizontal and 96 ° vertical view, so there are no places left that would not be visible. The rotation is almost silent and very smooth.

The camera has motion alerts in the frame, and thanks to intelligent algorithms, you can clearly define the conditions under which the camera sends an alert to your smartphone. From a safety point of view, this feature is very well combined with improved camera performance in the dark, where much more light is captured thanks to the f / 2.1 aperture, and the 8-lamp 940 nm infrared illuminator significantly improves visibility. So the camera provides exactly the same degree of control at night as it does during the day.

In addition to everything else, built-in speakers and two-way communication function allows you to communicate with households if necessary, and communication can be initiated from the camera itself.

38,00 Euro
Out of stock

The perfect camera that gives you 1080P full HD recording at 20fps. Thanks to advanced AI motion detection technology, the camera effectively reduces false alarms that can be caused by light changes, flying dirt or insects. The camera will only detect the movement of people.
Night vision is enhanced by 940 nm infrared LEDs. The camera has a 170 ° wide field of view. You can easily position the camera with the magnetic base and sticker. The camera is IP65 waterproof and dustproof. You can use the camera outdoors even in snowfall, rain, or bad weather.
Supports micro SD cards and NAS storage. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with anyone.

28,00 Euro
Out of stock
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